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April 2014
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CAM00231#1 CAM00444 CAM00446Since being set upon by three youths while running around  local Beatty Park on Christmas Eve, David has been determined not to let this affect him in anyway, and despite being very shaken and requiring stitches to his right eye, he has very determinedly kept running at the park.

I could say more but the case is in the courts.

Sunday 13 April 2014 was a chance David couldn’t pass up.  That is doing what he loves most, running,  and running with his wheelbarrow.  These days he’s not up to doing the 50kms of 2010, but came in at 49mins doing a very creditable 10kms over hilly territory at the Bunbury 3 Waters Run.

Amites Jo

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  • Paul Lamb

    G’day David and Jo,
    Not sure if you remember me but I met you half way across the Nullabor when I was cycling to Perth. Then met you just outside Mildura and then again when you arrived in Sydney.
    Sorry to hear about Dave’s troubles with those youths. Hope all is well apart from a few stitches.
    I’ve just returned from riding my bike from Melbourne to Darwin (4,000km in 25 days) to show the health benefits of a whole-food, plant based diet. All went to plan and I arrived in Darwin on the date planned, an hour before being greeted by the Mayor.
    Just wanted to make contact again and update you on what I’ve been up to. This last ride is my first project of what I hope will be an ongoing dialogue with the general public as I aim to raise awareness of the need to take control of our health by looking at what we put in our mouths. My new web site (not fully up and running yet) is
    Hope to hear from you both soon.

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