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December 2011
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6 inch marathon result.


Sunday 18th December, David completed the 46kms 6 inch marathon on  the Munda Biddi trail.

Finishing in good form 61st out of 115 runners.

Everyone agreed that the course was very rugged and steep.   David was very happy with his run up to 37kms but not having the kilometres in his legs through lack of training, was finding it very tough.


With only 2kms to go, David was hoping to finish in 5 hours 2 minutes, when he took the wrong track costing him an additional 10 minutes.

With the track being so remote, getting lost was easy to do.  With the insistence of race organizers, all runners had to take 2 litres of water.

But within a couple of minutes of finishing the race, David recovered and ended well.

What David is up against because of his knee, is that he can’t train the big distances that he likes to run. Bit of a catch 22 situation! In plain language David’s right knee has run out of cartlidge, having had three arthroscopes on the right knee and two on the left.

David feels that the writing is on the wall, but as all you runners out there know, most of us runners aren’t too smart. We just love to run.




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