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December 2011
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6 inch Track Run Sunday 18th December 2011

While not the best run to do with a dodgy right knee and keen to do another big run, David is going to run the  the 46km 6inch Track Marathon Sunday 18th December 2011.

The event starts in darkness at 4.30am at the North Dandalup end of Del Park Road, and winds it’s way up and down, gullies along the Munda Biddi  Track back into Dwellingup.

The course is one of the hardest marathon course David has attempted and is likened to a hike and starts with a steep climb for 2 – 3km.

To date David has only had one training session on the track with fellow runners, some of which have fallen numerous times and taking water with you is compulsory.

Also in the run is Karen March who is running brilliantly. Both Karen and her husband Peter intended to run together, but Peter was forced out due to a recurring calf injury.  Peter & Karen completed the course last year in 5 hours 1 minute.

The event organizers are hoping to attract 180 runners.

This run is not for the faint hearted.





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