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December 2010
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Merry Christmas

At the finish

A dark 5.30am start

Since our last blog David has had an arthroscope done on his injured right knee to repair a torn meniscus.

Tuesday 27th December will be a third week since the op and recovery has been much slower than in previous operations.  So to keep active David has been filling in his time doing gym sessions and non load bearing swimming at our local Beatty Park swimming pool.

Last weekend gave us an opportunity to return the support given to us in the run across Australia when we joined fellow Masters runners Karen & Pete March in   the very difficult 46km 6 inch run at Dwellingup. The race started at 5.30am in chilly windy conditions up a massive 3km at the start, over unstable pee gravel  to finish the very hilly cross country run. Peter who entered the race paced Karen to finish in a fantastic time of  slightly over 5 hours and first in her age category.

Also running was the winner of the 2010 Balzano Wheelbarrow Race Kalgoorlie (Age Category) Grant Wholey and fellow Hash House Runner Slammer.  Grant did very well in the wheelbarrow race knocking 8 minutes off this run time last year.  Finishing the 6 Inch run Sunday, Grant said that this run was one of his hardest runs.  He came in a very creditable 4 hours 33 mins 52 secs which put him in the top 20.

Having spoken to the runners the 6 Inch Run is one of the hardest Ultra Marathon runs on the circuit.  Needless to say David was very envious of the nearly 90 runners.

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