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May 2010
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5 Hours 4 minutes for the Bunbury Ultra 50kms

David completed the 50 km Ultra Marathon in a fabulous 5 hours and 4 minutes.

David covered the first 21kms in 1hr 40 minutes then at the 33km mark his left calf started locking up.  Fortunately we anticipated this happening and had Magnesium powder  available  ( I was riding my bike alongside of David), and only after repeated doses was he able to able to keep the cramping at bay and to slow his pace.

David was a little disappointed in not being able to get in under 5 hours but in saying this his initial aim was to do the run in under 5.5 hours, so it made up for the disappointment.

The course itself was very hilly and  a headwind was blowing but it was the last 8 kms that were the most difficult for David who had to run back into the finish, do a circuit around the oval, and then run out and up a hill to do the final 8 kms.

David finished the run feeling tired and relieved that it was over.  The barrow was then pushed through the crowd by a visiting Japanese runner who successfully collected $200 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

2 comments to 5 Hours 4 minutes for the Bunbury Ultra 50kms

  • Lydia and Nick

    Well Done Dad xxxx

  • admin

    Hi Lyds, Nick and boys

    Thanks Lyds. Hope everything is going well with your home renovations.

    Hopefully the weather is starting to shape up to some nice weather.

    Dad says if he wins Lotto (lottery) this Saturday he will send you a million dollars. PS But don’t give any to Nick.

    Love to the boys

    Dad and Jox

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