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April 2010
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Bunbury 50km Ultra Marathon Sunday 16th May 2010

Hi to you all

Since arriving in Perth on October 2nd 2009 David and I have been busy with our families, have rejoined the workforce and are doing local runs with Masters Athletics WA.

As always and hungry for a challenge, David has decided he would like to do a 50km Ultra distance run with his wheelbarrow at the 29th Annual Bunbury Marathon Sunday 16th May 2010.

In preparation David has increased his running regime which has been a challenge since he is now working full-time and is running with his wheelbarrow to rebuild his strength (in his forearms particularly).

We will use our time in Bunbury to also highlight the work of Prostate Cancer Foundation and to collect much needed funds for research.

On the day of the Bunbury Ultra Marathon, David will join other marathon runners at start the run at  7.00am  on a course that will take him along the scenic Ocean Drive, from Marlston down to the Tuart walk through to Dalyellup and return.  I will be alongside of him on a bike loaded with water and supplements.

David will also get to ENJOY the course a 2nd time before finishing in an anticipated 5.5 + hours later.

David is aiming to do the 50kms in 5.5 hours but knows that this will be a  big challenge given that hasn’t been running with the wheelbarrow since Kalgoorlie and that pushing his wheelbarrow is 100% more difficult than just running.

Amites Jo

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