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November 2009
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Kalgoorlie Balzano Barrow Race

It’s been four weeks since our arrival back in Perth and you could be excused wondering how someone like David is settling back into normal life.

So it’s probably no surprise to learn that within three weeks of arriving back in Perth (Friday 2nd December) David was in Kalgoorlie (595kms east of Perth) running the 21kms Balzano Barrow Race with his wheelbarrow from Kanowa into Kalgoorlie.

We initially planned to incorporate the Balzano Barrow race into his run across Australia but the timing didn’t work out so when we heard that the race was on again there was no stopping him.

The Balzano Barrow race is an annual charity event run by Rotary based on a gold miner called Balzano who mined gold 21kms north of Kalgoorlie back in the 1890’s.  Although Kanowa is now a ghost town you can go out to the once thriving township of 5,000+ people and drive down the dirt streets and see signs of where businesses were once located. It’s quite an eerie feel.

The day of the race was a very colourful one with 15+ teams of 6+ people and 8 individual runners lined up for registration 21kms out at the Kanowa Cemetery (bit of a bad omen). The teams varied from the super fit eventual winners The Australian Army, to various social groups such as Breast Cancer, Church groups, Nurses together with individual runners and runners from the Kalgoorlie Hash House Harriers – sporting names such as Slammer, Cocksmith and Deriere!!!!. Would love to know how they each got given their names.

Everyone was given a start time and David’s was for 9.30am which was quite late considering the warm conditions.

With runners in front and behind David ran the race the fastest he had ever done needing water five – six kilometres out to cool his body down and at the halfway point Kalgoorlie could be seen frustratingly close.  Says David , coming down the main street- Hannan Street was a welcome sight,  although he still had 2kms to the finish at Centennial Park where support and much needed relief was waiting.

David took first place in the Veteran’s Category running the race in 1 hr 53minutes. The fastest time recorded.

Amites Jo

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