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October 2009
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The finish

It’s now Tuesday and for the first time since arriving we have had a chance to let you know how the finish went.

The plan was for David and Brian to finish on Saturday but being true endurance athletes that they are they averaged over 50kms each day sharing the wheelbarrow which put them a day ahead of schedule.

By 11am on Friday morning they had run 28kms and were only 15kms from Perth.  Taking it slow for David and Brian was an impossibility and in the end they arrived at 2.45pm to a very supportive but small crowd outside a very ritzy waterfront hotel.  Some of the crowd had learned of David’s arrival from an interview an hour earlier on ABC radio while others had seen his picture in The West Australian Newspaper that morning.

Understandably, David’s biggest supporters were his family and members of the Masters Athletics who were there to see him in.

The earlier arrival time gave us a day to settle into our house left vacant and in a beautiful condition by our tenant.

Sunday was a day to remember.  It all started with beautiful blue sunny skies and a wonderful crowd of Masters Athletic runners who had earlier run a very tough hill run greeted David and Brian as they ran up Wireless Hill.  If that wasn’t enough later that morning we joined Peter March at an Applecross cafe to celebrate Peter’s 50th birthday.

That afternoon the family and his five Perth grandchildren gathered at Mosman Park to welcome David in. Budding wheelbarrow pushers in the making!

A perfect finish and  climax to David’s first year of retirement.

For now the wheelbarrow is taking a rest in the garden shed.

Amites Jo

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