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October 2009
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The finish

It’s now Tuesday and for the first time since arriving we have had a chance to let you know how the finish went. The plan was for David and Brian to finish on Saturday but being true endurance athletes that they are they averaged over 50kms each day sharing the wheelbarrow which put them a […]

Still on track for a 3-3.30pm finish for today

David and Brian started the morning at 6.45am and ran 28kms without a break. They have been running so fast I’ve had to tell them to slow down. Looking very tired from the warmth of the sun they ended up stopping for a well earned break at Cockburn Gateway – David has a massive blister […]

The finish tomorrow 3.30pm Raffles Hotel Carpark

David and Brian are on track to arrive at the Raffles Hotel Carpark tomorrow at 3.30pm. The final leg tomorrow will be on cycleway alongside the Kwinana Freeway starting at the Safety Bay and finishing at  Canning Bridge exit and the Raffles Hotel – 44kms in total. If you see them please give them toot […]

Rockingham next

Hi David and Brian started the day at 6.50am and are now 20kms south of Mandurah on the Old Coast Road. Both are suffering with sore feet and tired legs but overall are doing well. They have been averaging 50+ kms which puts them ahead of schedule and over halfway. This has pushed the finish […]