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September 2009
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Pictures of Exmouth

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly twelve months since we left on the Wheelbarrow Across Australia Run.  We have submitted the run documentation to Guinness Records (some time ago) and have had feedback from Guinness Records but hope to hear some good news from them soon.

We are arriving back in Perth on Saturday 3rd October. David is going to run from Lewana (near Ballingup) where fellow Masters runners will be gathered for the long weekend.  David will be averaging 50kms for five days and will finish at The Raffles Hotel at Canning Bridge on Saturday 3rd (very apt location after a big run).  So if you are free to come and cheer him in just let me know ( or 0411747022.  I will update you on his arrival time as it gets closer

We are now in Coral Bay after spending six days at Exmouth.  The weather in Exmouth was lovely but we encountered some windy days and nights which brought back (nightmares) memories of the Nullarbor.

Our first sight coming into Exmouth was of a huge 1500 passenger liner called the  Sea Princess.  From 10kms out it looked like the liner was surreally suspended in the landscape. As we neared we could see it parked out in the bay.  Passengers we were told, were ferried to the shore for tours of  the town and Cape Range National Park.  The liner ended up staying in Exmouth for 24 hours and over a year six liners call in.

Not having been to Exmouth for over 10 years we were pleasantly surprised to see a new marina and plush new Hotel (Novatel Hotel).  The global slow down had obviously slowed property development of the marina but it looks like the mining boom north will soon kick start the area.

2 comments to Pictures of Exmouth

  • Maria

    Hi David & Jo

    Must be a great feeling nearly being home now after your great adventure!!
    Hopefully before then i’ll be emailing you pictures of the new member of the family before you get there (i’m due the weekend before you get home) – but if not get praying that i’m not having to eat too many curries etc etc to try and encourage things along!

    The cruise ships are awesome arent they – We get a great view of them from our bedroom window before they leave as they are heading down the Southampton waters – it seems like such a short time that boat was docked here in ‘sunny southampton’. Seems even shorter the time since i was there with you guys – this year has flown by sooo quickly.

    Will call/email you soon with a proper update – but take care on your last leg of the journey.

    Love Maria, Martin & bump xx

  • admin

    Hi Maria, Martin and bump

    Great to hear from you, we were wondering when bump was due in September. It’s Lydia’s birthday on 19th ….so who knows!
    We can’t believe where the time has gone too. We are still 1,000kms from Perth in Carnarvon but the funny thing is we could be in Perth within 12 hours if we drove like a mad thing. Which we won’t do because of the number of kangaroos on the road

    We are looking forward to seeing the pics of the new baby soon. Bet Mum and Dad are getting excited.
    Love Jo and Davidx

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