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May 2009
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The Finish

It has been over three days since David finished the Outback Run. He arrived in Alice Springs at 3.15pm to be greeted by the Mayor of Alice Springs and Prostate Representatives with their barrows, and a spruiker announcing David’s tremendous run which was great because there were a lot of people in the mall who […]

Pictures of the Outback Challenge

Day 18: Today is THE DAY

David is again on the road and is now 15kms south of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway. The three day growth he is sporting is making hm look every bit the tired and drawn person he is feeling. He is looking forward to the finish today at 3pm. David has become a bit of […]

Day 17: Tomorrow is the finish of the Outback Challenge

Hi Everyone We are now 23kms south of Alice Springs and due to the media, we are arriving in Alice Springs at 3pm Monday 18 May where David will be met by the Mayor of Alice Springs Damien Ryan and members of Prostate and Rotary. Over the 940kms of the Outback Challenge endurance athlete David […]

Day 14: At Erldunda at 2pm today

Hello everyone Erldunda is the Roadhouse on the corner of the two highways – Stuart and Lasseter.   By the end of today David will be 20kms north heading to Alice Springs. David’s  troubled right leg is still giving him grief. The worst day was Day 9 when coming into Uluru.  The  pain was so […]