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November 2008
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Sydney here we come..

We have now left the Eyre Highway (just south of Port Pirie) and are on a much quieter local B82 road to Clare, which locals say has better wines than the Barossa Valley.  We are yet to see any of the vines.

There was a lot of lightning last night and some rain (ssshhh farmers around here don’t like that word as they are still harvesting).  Today has started out much cooler than the heat and humidity of yesterday which is good news for David who is now having more  hills to run up.

We camped the night in a lay-by hidden from the road right next to  a field of wheat, and we have been on the road since 5.45am to beat the heat.

David’s right ankle is now starting to rebel against the work it has to do with the hills, so Dave is taking it steady today so it doesn’t get any worse.

It is mainly local farming traffic that passes by and there are a lot of quizzical looks on faces when they see Dave and his barrow.

While picking up some weight gaining supplements in Port Pirie two days ago, Dave quickly checked his weight and he has lost 5 kilograms.

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