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October 2008
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Amazing feet!

Hello everyone

Thank you all for all your positive comments.  Dave really enjoys reading them and he says it keeps him motivated.  Right now we are out of range for anything so we rely on Roadhouse computers to be able to access your comments. 

Right now Dave’s amazing feet are speeding along the Eyre Highway towards Caiguna on the Nullarbor.  By the end of today he will be 110kms east of Balladonia and will have only 81kms to go before we get into Caiguna.  His troubled left foot is getting better and giving him less grief.  In fact yesterday despite hills and a head wind Dave did 42kms in a 8.57 minute pace.  He says he is enjoying the challenge and can see that we made need to hit the road earlier when the heat sets in. 

Dave is also changing his shoes during the day which may explain why his feet are getting better.  He used to say that his feet felt like “chariots of fire” he now says that running with the wheelbarrow feels normal to him and that by the end of the run his hands will be dragging on the ground.

Last week we were thrilled by a surprise visit from Masters runners Denise and Pierre who came armed with a curry made by Pierre and a delicious fruit cake made by Denise which we devoured in no time.  Fortunately we were able to spend some time with them both and have some great photos to show of their visit.

Had some  trouble with our car when we arrived late Friday in Balladonia and had to have it towed to Kalgoorlie because of warranty issues.  Fortunately the problem was just a simple fuse and once in Kalgoorlie was solved quickly.  In hindsight if we had known we would have fixed it ourself.  Turns out our caravan connection may be the cause of the problem.  So we have stocked up on fuses until we can get the caravan connection looked at. 

Will chat again when in Caiguna



9 comments to Amazing feet!

  • laverne

    well done uncle dave – your doing brilliantly – keep on running – we’re willing you on from this side of the globe! fantastic achievement so far. verne etc x

  • Lydia and Nick

    Run grandad run, run until your legs shake and your feet fall off. Bet your trainers are smelly. Love from William xxxxx

  • laverne

    Hey uncle david – watch out for that blowhole in caiguna – make sure you don’t get your wheelbarrow stuck down there!x

  • PCFA

    Hi David and Jo
    Anna received a photo yesterday from The Long Ride boys – fancy you both running/riding into each other!

    Glad to hear things are going well and that you are ahead of schedule. Those size 11 Volleys should come in handy now your feet have grown.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

    Debra and the WA PCFA team

  • Maria

    Well done Uncle David. Your doing awesome!! Hope you’ve loads of oil for your wheels – no point letting the squeak hurt your ears! Martin says if your free in September and need a sit down – he has a rowing challenge for you (Sark to Jersey)…Jo there is plenty of nice places we can drink wine…if you’ve had enough of being support crew by then!.

    We’re all really proud of you down South (UK).

    Take care with those big trucks etc


    Maria, Martin, Sue, Paul and Stan xxx

  • mjleary

    Dear Dave and Jo,
    keep those amazing feet going it only hurts when your walking.
    send me a text when you can Jo.
    I couldn’t see you on Google earth?
    your always in our thoughts .
    love Helen,Mike and the boys

  • duncsmags

    what was that song by Nancy Sinatra…… those boots were made for pushing a wheelbarrow???? It was soemthing like that!!
    Hi there Dave: we got your message when we got back from our walk: I did ring you but I think you were busy with a one wheeled friend!
    We had an amazing walk (only a mere 350k, but hey, who’s counting) but yours truely had some trouble with his legs, so I can understand how the discomfort you are going through with your feet. The good news is that you only have to take one step at a time and just keep doing that, and before you can realise it, you’ll be there!
    Maggie and I send our love and prayers to the two of you: remember why Angels can fly: it’s because they take themselves lightly!
    Take care and stay light!
    Duncan J

  • maggie

    Dear Dave,
    We are so proud of you .
    Just back from walking the Camino de Santiago.
    Our love and prayers
    Duncan and Maggie
    big hug to Jo

  • Hi Dave,

    Wonder where you are now.

    we met you as you were coming into Cocklebiddy, I think.

    We took a few photos that you are welcome to use, can’t see a spot to put them here, so am posting them to where you can down load them and use them as you like.

    We popped down to Eyre Bird Obs after meeting you and sheltered there out of the heat wave on Fri 24th Oct. We really felt for you up there on the highway in the heat!!

    Look forward to some updated postings here soon.

    Bill and Mary

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