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October 2008
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Back from the bush

For the past three days we have been bushing it and living at the Karalee and Boondi Rocks camping sites between Southern Cross and Coolgardie using our generator and gas to cook and keep warm.  During that time we weren’t able to shower so the Haven Caravan Park in Coolgardie where we are now staying, is luxury in comparision.

Getting Dave started in the mornings on the road is like being in the cockpit of a plane …gloves – check, fluro shirt – check, Barley Sugars – check (oophs wasn’t meant to say that). Its a process that takes approximately 10 minutes each day at 7.15 am to get him started for the  day.

After that it can be a call on the two way to come back (as I am usually 5 km ahead) so he can make adjustments to his shoes etc. Dave then likes to get 20 km in (or as he says “under his belt” before he breaks for lunch. Then its …food food food…This is essential as the last half of the day is usually the hardest for him especially if it also gets hot.

Those pesky trucks are still a problem. I don’t know how he manages to walk beside the road as it is so scary in a vehicle let alone by the roadside. I worry.

While on the road Saturday we were confronted with 3 huge policemen who stepped out of their vehicle (like Tom Cruise in Top Gun) who we thought might be apprehending Dave for going too fast with his wheelbarrow. Instead they only wanted to wish Dave the best and to give him a donation. Incidentally the Police were part of a large contingent going to the Kalgoorlie races to offer a presence because the Coffin Cheaters were there.

Now that it is getting warmer Dave is living in his running shorts, fluoro safety vest, cap (and undies of course). The mornings are still cool so he may keep his leggings and a top on for a while until he warms up. His feet are still giving him grief with the rough and sloping terrain. So much so that he has cut away the top of his runners. In this way he says it gives his feet relief and are cooler at the same time.

Its time for me to get back to the road and see Dave as he has been slogging it out for the last 2 hours while I have been shopping for food, emailing etc.

Kalgoorlie tomorrow.

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  • Lydia and Nick

    Hi Dad and Jo,

    Great blog Jo. Love settling down on an evening with a cup of tea and packet of biscuits and reading all your latest news. Take good care of each other and keep safe.

    Lots of love Lydia, Nick, Cameron, William, Daniel and ? xx

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