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October 2008
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We’re online at last!

Hi Everyone

We are now in Southern Cross after being offline with computer problems and being out of range with our mobiles since Northam. It felt really frustrating. Locals say it drives them mad and they say lots of other words that are too rude to mention.

Dave is running really well and is averaging 35 km per day. Only two days ago Dave had a great run assisted by a strong tail wind and did an incredible 45.5 km!

Our earlier estimates of arriving in Kalgoorlie on 11th October are now revised to Wednesday 8th October.

Our routine each morning is up at 5.10 am…a big high energy breakfast of a bowl of porridge made of oats, a huge weight gaining drink made with orange juice and special secret ingredients, fresh fruit and toast. He has so much I wonder how he can run after it all.

Dave then spends 15-20 min attending to his feet covering sore spots with Fixamol to ensure that he doesn’t get any problems as the feet take a pounding. 

Lunch is usually a sandwich of salad, ham or tuna with orange juice and of course….a chocolate or two!

There aren’t many camp sites after Southern Cross so we will be camping on the roadside until we get to Coolgardie.

We met a car load of Irish tourists who couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Dave running. So shocked were they that they pulled him over and had a chat to him. They said they had just finished saying “I wonder if we will see a mad person running across Australia” when Dave appeared in front of them. They were a lot of fun.

Dave says to thank you all for the comments as it keeps his spirits up.

Will keep you posted.

7 comments to We’re online at last!

  • abbe

    WOW!! What great progress- flying along – keep it up!!

    Glad you are back online your blog is far more interesting than the Mandurah Mail!!

    Take it steady- and pray the wind is in the right direction.

    Abbe, Jason & Co

  • mjleary

    Dear David and Joanne,
    great to see you going so well,I think you’re doing a fabulous thing raising funds for cancer.
    remember it’s all down hill from the west australian border.any gold nuggets you see along the way are the families??.
    love to you both .
    Helen ,Mike,Mat and Tom

  • chris_richardson

    Hi David and Jo
    Well done – and good luck as you get closer to the Nullarbour!
    Watch those trucks
    Chris and Peter & the crew…

  • Lydia and Nick


  • laverne

    Uncle Dave what you’re doing today is a long long distance so your vision must be long term. Take it steady and stay positive… you can do it…you’ve trained hard and your running strong! Stick with what works”. This is true because i said so!! and you know i am very smart!!! i can also cook cake, however, i run like a rooster and thats not a good look! you, however, are LOOKIN GOOD!!! love verne xxxxxxxxx

  • abbe

    Hold back there David – you aren’t supposed to be that far along the track till next week- at this speed you’ll meet yourself coming back!! You nearly made it for the NRL final.

    Fly like the wind!!

    love & thoughts
    abbe, jason, hani, tulsi & indeigh xx

  • Maria

    Uncle David, were all really proud of you – awesome challenge!!! its made us all feel like couch potatoes – so were all using your inspiration to improve our fitness too.
    Mum, Dad and Grandad all send their love and prayers. Nan would have been sooo proud!!!
    Well done to you Jo for supporting him with this!!
    Take care and we look forward to reading the next installments of your journey.

    Lots of Love
    Maria and Martin

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