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September 2008
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Doodlakine Garden Cafe

We finished at Doodlakine last night. Disappointment there turned into joy when we found the Doodlakine Garden Cafe about 8 km down the road from Doodlakine town centre—a place to definitely visit. The cafe is a sideline for Tina and Mike Thomas, who are farmers in the area. We were able to park in a […]

Hello from Cunderdin

We are staying in Cunderdin for two days. We finished 10 km from Cunderdin on Thursday (25 September) and will finish in Tammin tonight (Friday) then go back to Cunderdin for the night. We can see that it has been raining in Perth as it has here. The farmers are happy, but it is not […]

In the earthquake zone

Dave finished 14 km short of Meckering today, which is where an earthquake struck in 1968. It has been a hot day with strong winds, and thankfully the wind was at his back during the afternoon. He continues to run toward the traffic to avoid the stones thrown up by passing trucks. People have been […]

The alarm went off at 5am

Our aim is to get up early each day so Dave can get on the road before it gets too hot. It also means an earlier finish, which ensures we don’t have to rush to set up each evening. Our inexperience with caravaning showed today when we tried to hitch the 4WD to the van. Thankfully Terry, a […]

He made it over the Alps…errr Greenmount

How could today’s weather be so lovely after yesterday? At least it gave Dave a chance to enjoy the run. Greenmount was a hard slog …and who was it that said after Greenmount there are no other hills? Because it is a lie! At mid morning Dave was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Master’s […]