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February 2016
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Running towards heaven..Georgetown.

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Fitness on the road

After six months of traveling, we are well aware of the pitfalls of not exercising.

And it is so easy to let things slip especially  after a big day of driving or sightseeing.  Although we like our gyms they are not always available nor affordable, so we have decided to create our own fitness routines using our bikes, kayaks, local walking trails (when available)  and running/walking wherever we can.

The most surprising discovery is how much we can do around the caravan, and when available, using the children’s playground equipment.

Take the caravan for example, we can do Step ups on the caravan step and Tricep Dips.

Here is how we do it with a view.

20150808_101331 20150808_094452



Four Park Runs….

Since the Mt Gambier Park Run we have done a further four Park Runs, Maribryong (Melbourne), Noosa, Maroochydore and now the Gold Coast (Main Beach) where we are currently staying.

We have enjoyed the runs, meeting new people and running on different terrains in varying conditions.  This last Park Run was extra special for David as his daughter, visiting from the UK, joined him along with two family members.


Mt Gambier Park Run

20150207_075047 20150207_080406

On Saturday 7 February David & I joined the Mt Gambier Park Run.  The run course, given that it was across the top of the spectacular Blue Lake, was uphill most of the course.  If you had the time, the view was gorgeous but best appreciated after the run.

Local runners, Peter and Dean welcomed us and invited us to join them at the local Metro Cafe for a chat and run diagnosis.

Reliving the Wheelbarrow Across Australia Run

On Sunday 24 January 2015 David and I set off in our caravan to relive the Wheelbarrow Across Australia Run of six and half years ago. The plan this time was for David to run as many Park Runs as he could around Australia.
Unfortunately, in training, David’s right knee flared up,  so he now going to do the Park Runs without the barrow.
The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia have again come on board and have supplied David with terrific running gear.

As of the 1st February, the journey was super easy compared to the weeks it took to get across  back in 2008.  While we again camped, this time  we did it style in a new pop up van instead of the camper.  Back then when we came to a roadhouse it was like heaven.  Now the roadhouses look so ordinary in comparison despite recent renovations.