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October 2014
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CAM00231#1 CAM00444 CAM00446Since being set upon by three youths while running around  local Beatty Park on Christmas Eve, David has been determined not to let this affect him in anyway, and despite being very shaken and requiring stitches to his right eye, he has very determinedly kept running at the park.

I could say more but the case is in the courts.

Sunday 13 April 2014 was a chance David couldn’t pass up.  That is doing what he loves most, running,  and running with his wheelbarrow.  These days he’s not up to doing the 50kms of 2010, but came in at 49mins doing a very creditable 10kms over hilly territory at the Bunbury 3 Waters Run.

Amites Jo

Dwellingup 6 Inch Track Run


We went to Dwellingup in December to support runners Karen & Peter March run the 46km Trail run . The trail started near the corner of Dell Park Road & South West Highway and followed the Munda Bindi Bike track back into Dwellingup. Like all track runs, there are plenty of hills, (there is 3km hill at the start), gravel, gullys and bush debris to keep you on red alert for the duration of run.
After everyone one took off, David & Brian Bennett decided to run 15kms for a jog with the aim of finishing at the 23km point. The outcome was that they didn’t of course stop, and in the end Ironman Brian ended up running 46kms . David got left behind because of a painful heel blister and fatigue from lack of training.

The experience was also enjoyed by friend Luke Stevens who had just completed the Bussleton Ironman only days previously.

The verdict by David, it’s not wise to run 46km+ off the cuff when you don’t run anymore.

Meet Mr Perth – Perth Classic

After a lot of hard work and tanning, David took out the over 60 age category at the Perth Classic Saturday 18 May 2013.

INBA 18 May

Pictured above is David performing one of five required poses before a very supportive crowd of 750 people.  After the performance, David was mobbed by people congratulating him on the win.

Not a bad body for a 70 year old.



Body Body Competition Sat 18 May 2013

Since turning 70 on the 18 March, David has decided to put himself to the challenge once more.

This time and not surprisingly, it is a challenge of a different kind, “The 2013 Perth INBA (Natural Body Building Championship) Classic”. Held locally at the Vasto Centre Vasto Place, Balcatta David is hoping that friends and family will come and support him.

In preparation for the challenge David is hard at it training in his local gym at the  Loftus Recreation Centre Leederville.






Treadmill double marathon


On Saturday 1st December 2012 David put himself to the challenge at his local gym, the Lotfus Recreation Centre, as a tag team member running two marathons (84.6kms) at an average speed of 14km an hour over six hours for Princess Margaret Hospital.

The run was of  high intensity and required concentration and experience.  At one stage David was running at the highest speed the treadmill would go.  As he says, “you can only last a couple of minutes at this speed”.

See the Youtube video of David as he runs the final stretch for the day.

David Baird – The Wheelbarrow Man